Care Instructions

When you purchase a special skirt for your Christmas tree, you should also be prepared to store it properly. Someplace clean and relatively dust free. NOT the attic or basement!

First, measure the diameter of your skirt. At your local craft or hardware store, purchase a wooden dowel (at least ½ inch in diameter) that is at least as long as the diameter of the skirt. Get a cup hook, along with a large hook that will be

installed in a wall. Install the cup hook on the dowel, at the halfway mark. This will make the hanger for the tree skirt.

Select a closet in your home that is wide enough for the skirt. Install the hook into the wall at the back of the closet, above the coat hangers. You may want to cover the skirt with a cotton sheet draped over the skirt. Hang the skirt in the back of the closet, safe and sound between holidays!